The virtual Plan It Native Conference will offer concurrent sessions in the three tracks shown below; Communications & Policy, Design & Business, and Land Stewardship & Management. CEUs are available for ASLA.



Communications & Culture
Design & Business
Land Stewardship & Management

Natives, Cultivars and “Nativars”

Dive into this rich session on native plant cultivars and how they differ from native plants. Many plants in the mainstream horticulture trade are promoted and labeled as “native” when...
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Ronda Burnett
Carol Davit

Transformation of a Superfund Site to a Suburban Demonstration Garden

This program shares the inspiring and unique story of the gardens of the Pollinator Prairie, situated in an older neighborhood in Olathe, Kansas, and how it was transformed from a...
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Jennifer Kingston
Patti Ragsdale
Sami Aaron

Communicating the Value of Native Plants, In-Person and Online

Connect and communicate the value of native plants with your audiences through this immersive session. While more and more people are realizing the importance of native plants, their importance can...
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Alonso Abugattas

Designing Memorable Interpretation – Wayside Exhibits That Work

Wayside exhibits are one of the most powerful interpretation tools in the manager’s tool box. Signs and displays are on the job 24/7, and when placed well and designed simply...
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Jay Miller

Plant Provenance & Sourcing Native Plants for Diverse Landscape Needs

This presentation will help you navigate the task of selecting and sourcing native plants. Claudio will go over important terminology that is essential to clearly articulate your needs, reviewing the...
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Claudio Vazquez

Roundtable: Meeting the Increased Demand for Native Plants

Find out what the supply chain looks like when native plants are in demand and used on large-scale projects. Get your questions answered regarding the role that inventory planning and...
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Tracy Twombly
Marc Elliott
Claudio Vazquez
Natasha Thomas-North

Gardening with Grasses and Sedges

Join the grass revolution! Learn how to combine the serenity of grasses and sedges with the visual punch of flowers in any garden. No longer seen as ornamental novelties, grasses...
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Dustin Demmer

Growing a Horticulture Program: Native Plants and Higher Education

Over the past five years, the Horticulture program at St. Louis Community College Meramec has been converting the student’s outdoor lab from a traditional ornamental garden to one that contains...
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Carrie Coyne

Getting Back to Basics and Planting Rainbows

Sandra will talk about low-pressure techniques for designing and planting native gardens. She will demonstrate how simple sketching and drawing tools are used to create ecosystems, from simple to complex,...
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Sandra Nam Cioffi

Gathering, Growing and Cooking with Native Edibles

Nadia will share information on a few native edible plants easily grown in gardens and as specialty crops farms in Missouri. Some edible native fruits, including acorns and flowers will...
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Nadia Navarrete – Tindall

Getting Green Done a Triple Top Line Approach to GI

In this two-part session, Trevor Smith uses a decade’s worth of collaborations, community outreach and training sessions as case studies and proof of concept to get us the Green Infrastructure...
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Trevor Smith

Where Do Those Native Plants Come From?

All of our native plants that we utilize in landscaping endeavors have a rich natural history. They come from distinct natural communities; inter-related assemblages of flora, fauna, soils, regional climate,...
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Mike Leahy

All Hands on Deck: Collaboration for Midwestern Monarch Conservation

Hear about the forged cooperative efforts in the area of Monarch habitat, restoration, and conservation work; successes, failures, and everything in between in this empowering session! The Monarch Joint Venture...
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Kiley Friedrich

Monarch Joint Venture – Partners in Conservation

The Monarch Joint Venture is a non-profit partnership organization working with landowners and farmers, federal and state agencies, non-governmental organizations, businesses and academic programs to protect the monarch migration across...
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Kiley Friedrich

Native Pollinator Habitat Programs: A Case Study from Iowa

Follow the journey of this research-rich program discussing the USDA’s Pollinator Habitat Initiative. Large conservation programs operating in agricultural landscapes have been identified to address large, complex conservation issues such...
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Justin Meissen

Understanding Soil Health to Regenerate Soil Productivity

Introduction to soil health functionality: focusing on soil’s physical, chemical and biological indicators. How can we measure them? Is your soil alive? Learn how to evaluate the health of your...
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Yamily Zavala

Ask a Land Manager Roundtable

Ask this expert panel your questions about managing large and small landscapes, anything from prescribed burns, dealing with invasives, to best seed mix combinations. This session is based on you...
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Elizabeth Hamilton-Steele
Shannon Tyree
Courtney Masterson
Matthew Garrett

Establishing and Maintaining Prairie Plantings

A two part guide to establishing a prairie reconstruction including site selection and planning, site preparation and herbicides, seed selection/sourcing and planting techniques, follow-up maintenance and long-term management of the...
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Jerod Huebner