Dan Shaw

Senior Ecologist and Vegetation Specialist, BWSR; Professor, University of Minnesota

Desiree Narango , PhD.

Conservation Scientist, Vermont Center for Ecostudies

Neil Diboll

Consulting Ecologist, author

Guy Sternberg

Co-Founder, Starhill Forest Arboretum, author

Mervin Wallace

Founder, Missouri Wildflowers Nursery

Scott Woodbury

Owner, Cacalia Garden Design and Wilding

Mike Saxton

Manager of Ecological Restoration and Land Stewardship, Shaw Nature Reserve

Sarah Beier

Owner, Oak & iO

Natasha Thomas-North

Growing Center Manager, Taylor Creek Restoration Nurseries

Heather Holm

Pollinator conservationist and award-winning author

Kirsten Theye

Professor, Communication Studies; Program Director, Social Activism at Concordia College, and Lawns to Legumes participant

Cheryl Salatino

Dancing Shadows Garden Design

Julie Farstad

Artist, Professor and Co-chair of the Painting Dept. at the Kansas City Art Institute

Carl Stafford

Founder/Visionary MY REGION WINS!

Kenn Boyle

Native Plant enthusiast

Shannon Currey

Education & Outreach, Izel Native Plants

Will Metcalf

Associate ASLA, SITES AP

Roy Diblik

American perennial garden designer, plant nurseryman