And more to come....

Chris Helzer

Program Director, The Nature Conservancy & The Prairie Ecologist

Rick Darke

Consultant, author, and photographer

Matthew Strange

Landscape Architect and Principal of Confluence Chicago

Aisha Muhammad

Community Conservation Liaison, Missouri Department of Conservation

Lydia Gibson

Director of Corporate Development, Ripple Glass, LLC

Shannon Tyree

President and owner of Habitat Architects, LLC

Robert L. Kremer

Adjunct Professor of Soil Microbiology, School of Natural Resources, and the Division of Plant Science & Technology, University of Missouri

Natasha Thomas-North

Growing Center Manager, Taylor Creek Restoration Nurseries

Kelly Daniels

Executive Director, Blue River Forest Nature Sanctuary

Josh Cussimanio

Private Land Conservationist, Missouri Department of Conservation

Aimee Coy

Private Land Conservationist, Missouri Department of Conservation

Hunter Gale

Greenspace Property Manager at GaleHart Communities

Dr. Leigh Anne Neal

Chief of Sustainability/Early Childhood Education

Christine Sanderson

Associate Director, Monarch Joint Venture

Steve Oakes

Native Plant Enthusiast & Field Trip Guide

Kenn Boyle

Tour guide and Native Plant enthusiast

Alan Branhagen

Director of Operations, Minnesota Landscape Arboretum & Author

Alix Daniel

Landscape Specialist, Missouri Department of Conservation

Kate Cholakis

Landscape Designer, Researcher, LEED Green Associate

Judd Remmers

Assistant Director of Facilities & Support

Cydney Ross

Landscape Specialist, Missouri Department of Conservation

Cutter Gale

Facility and Development Manager, GaleHart Communities

Eric Tschanz

Garden Tour Guide

Matt Bunch

Horticulturalist, The Giving Grove

Tim McCoy

District Conservationist, USDA-Natural Resources Conservation Service

Sarah Beier

Owner, Oak & Io

Eliza Pennypacker

Professor of Landscape Architecture, Penn State University

Linda F. Hezel

Ecosystems Steward/Artisanal Producer, Prairie Birthday Farm LLC

Paul Brown

Owner, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn

Dr. Jennifer D. Roberts

Associate Professor, UMD; Co-Founder and Co-Director of NatureRx@UMD

Roberta Vogel-Leutung

Program Manager, GreenWorks

Claudio Vazquez

Co-founder, Izel Native Plants

Andy Carmack

Private Land Conservationist, Missouri Department of Conservation

Mervin Wallace

Founder, Missouri Wildflowers Nursery

Paula Diaz

Principal, GardeNerd Consultations

Stacia Stelk

Executive Director, Deep Roots

Dr. Mary Gardiner

Professor of Entomology, The Ohio State University

Nina-Marie Lister

Professor & Graduate Director, School of Urban & Regional Planning, Toronto Metropolitan University (formerly Ryerson U); Director, Ecological Design Lab, Toronto Metropolitan University (formerly Ryerson U)