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You can purchase these books, written by Plan It Native 2024 presenters, when you register for the conference using the button above.

Roy Diblik: Know Maintenance Perennial Garden

“A veritable goldmine for gardeners.” —Plant Talk

We’ve all seen gorgeous perennial gardens packed with color, texture, and multi-season interest. Designed by a professional and maintained by a crew, they are aspirational bits of beauty too difficult to attempt at home. Or are they?

The Know Maintenance Perennial Garden makes a design-magazine-worthy garden achievable at home. The new, simplified approach is made up of hardy, beautiful plants grown on a 10×14 foot grid. Each of the 62 garden plans combines complementary plants that thrive together and grow as a community. They are designed to make maintenance a snap. The garden plans can be followed explicitly or adjusted to meet individual needs, unlocking rich perennial landscape designs for individualization and creativity.

Neil Diboll: The Gardener's Guide to Prairie Plants

The Gardener’s Guide to Prairie Plants is the one-stop compendium for all gardeners aspiring to use native prairie plants in their gardens. Neil Diboll and Hilary Cox compile more than four decades’ worth of research to offer a wide-ranging and definitive reference for starting and maintaining prairie and meadow gardens and restorations. Alongside detailed synopses of plant life cycles, meticulous range maps, and sweeping overviews of natural history, Diboll and Cox also include photographs of 148 prairie plants in every stage of development, from seedling to seedhead. North America’s grasslands once stretched from the Blue Ridge to the Rocky Mountains, andfrom Texas to Manitoba, blanketing the mid-continent with ecologically important, garden-worthy, native species. This book provides all the inspiration and information necessary for eager native planters from across the country to welcome these plants back to their landscapes. The Gardener’s Guide to Prairie Plants is a must-have reference for gardeners, restorationists, and every flora fan with a passion for native plants, prairies and meadows.

Heather Holm: Pollinators of Native Plants

*Attract, Observe and Identify Pollinators and Beneficial Insects with Native Plants*

A comprehensive book illustrating the specific relationships between native pollinators, beneficial insects, and native plants. Organized by plant communities, the book profiles over 65 perennial native plants of the Midwest, Great Lakes region, Northeast and southern Canada and the pollinators, beneficial insects and flower visitors the plants attract.

With its easy-to-use format, the book provides the reader with information on how to attract, plant for and identify pollinators with native plants. Beautifully designed and illustrated with over 1600 photos of plants and insects, the book includes information on pollination, types of pollinators and beneficial insects, pollinator habitat and conservation, as well as pollinator landscape plans.

Heather Holm: Bees: An Identification and Native Plant Forage Guide

**Winner of Six Book Awards**

A field guide illustrating the bees that occur in north-central and eastern United States and southern Canada and the native plants that support them.

– In-depth profiles of 27 bee genera covering the life cycles, habitats, diet, foraging behaviors, crops pollinated, nesting lifestyles, seasonality, and preferred native forage plants
– 12 additional summary profiles for uncommon genera
– Native plant library that includes 100 native trees, shrubs, and perennials that support bees in the Midwest, Great Lakes, and Northeast regions

Heather Holm: Wasps: Their Biology, Diversity, and Role as Beneficial Insects and Pollinators of Native Plants

WASPS is the first full-color, illustrated guide featuring approximately 150 species of flower-visiting wasps that occur in eastern North America, and the specific native plants and habitat each species depends upon. Written with an ecological lens, this richly-illustrated book details wasp diversity and has full-page profiles for each wasp species that include identification tips, geographic range maps, biology, prey, natural history and habitat.

Five introductory chapters cover wasp taxonomy, nesting biology, prey-hunting behaviors, diet, anatomy, as well as wasp habitat enhancement and management, and the ecosystem services provided by wasps—insect pest population control and pollination. Profiles of each wasp species comprise the major part of the book and are organized by family, showcasing twelve families and sixty-eight wasp genera. Also included are eastern North American regional native plant guides, tips on wasp observation, and over 1000 stunning photographs.

**Winner of Seven Book Awards**

2022 American Horticultural Society Book Award
2022 Midwest Independent Publisher’s Association Book Award: *Nature*
2021 National Indie Excellence Award Winner: *Nature*
2021 National Indie Excellence Award Finalist: *Environment*
2021 Next Generation Indie Book Awards Finalist: *Science/Nature*
2021 Next Generation Indie Book Awards Finalist: *Regional Non-Fiction*
2021 Independent Publishers Book Awards Silver: *Nature*

Guy Sternberg: Native Trees of North America from the Rockies to the Atlantic

This book represents updated and expanded information from an earlier book by the Guy Sternberg titled “Native Trees for North American Landscapes.” It described the ecology of forests and interactions between trees and humans. Every tree in eastern and central North America, from Canada down to the subtropics, is included either as a featured species or a similar species. Topics covered for each tree include a general description, foliage, flowers, fruits, seasonal attributes, native and adaptive range, culture, problems, cultivars, similar and related species, and general comments. Appendices cover tree selection for planting, hardiness zones, natural heritage organizations and agencies, a web directory, a technical glossary, and recommended resources for further information.